A Guide to RVA Neighborhoods

Feb 28, 2022
Old Town Manchester is affordable, conveniently-located, converted railway-warehouses from the turn of the century. I’d live here.
Scott’s Addition is the hip, converted-manufacturing-warehouses where all the brewery’s popped up in the late ‘90s.
Lakeside is quaint, sub-$200k 1400sq, detached homes for first-time Millennial homeowners and fans of farmers markets.
Jackson Ward is also kinda The Fan which is kinda Oregon Hill. I’m aiming to ignore that whole area for nostalgic reasons.
Forest Hill has this cute AirBNB that I stayed at last week. When we met our host, she was wearing a fur-lined vest and drove off for a ladies night with her own personal cast of Shondaland characters.
Bon Air is the cool suburb, filled with grandmas and 30-year-olds fighting to undo ‘70s afluence.
That's my rough sense of it. I don't know anyone who lives anywhere else.