A Letter to a Marathon Runner

Feb 19, 2022
My mother was a very consistent, ultra-intense runner (and person) throughout my childhood. Pregnant with me at 30, she ran 7-mile maintenance runs in 100% humidity, every day, always along the same route on a military base in Biloxi, MS.
She ran 2 marathons and each time, it destroyed her body; bloody feet, difficult recovery, really terrible for everyone involved. A couple times she legit almost died while out on a run.
And yet, it kept her sane. She was running away from her abusive father and an equally difficult marriage to my father and her energy taught my sibling and I to be quick on our feet and gave us endurance.
Nowadays, retired with a new hip, she spends her day walking miles along the Cape Cod Rail Trail with her rescue dog, Jane. Miles a day, right on schedule, only half as fast and complaining about how long it takes.
My question: Have you ever run the Cape Cod Rail Trail along Cape Cod in MA? If not, you definitely should because it’s gorgeous and historic and the best part of the cape and you should send me a picture on it one day.
If you have run it already, did you see my Mom?