Jon Bellion's "Human Condition"

Mar 14, 2021

How was the run?

I thought I’d run every street in this neighborhood only to realize I could now turn left onto King St. A maintained sidewalk heading towards the church that, I swear, didn’t exist a day ago. That sidewalk ended and I could only turn right. But overnight, manifested into asphalt, spooky.
The neighborhood doesn’t cover a huge area; one big loop, out to the road by the schools, and further along towards the parkway.
If you turn left, you go to Walmart. If you turn right, you're in the new subdivision with the lake, which branches off towards King St.
But that sidewalk didn’t exist before and now it does. When do they find the time?

How was the album?

I'm suspicious of albums that start in a major key with jangly, high energy synths. But after the 5th chorus repeat of "80's Films", my nostalgia hobbled together a list of 80s sitcoms and clips from Stranger Things. It's all so catchy and comfortable; not my cup of tea, but fun.
Pop anthems in the 90s used to be all "I'm a survivor". By 2005, the rhetoric shifted to "We are survivors", but love songs haven't changed much, apart from the nicer synths. This album also appears to feature a mouth trumpet solo.