The 1976 SciFi film “Logan’s Run”

Jun 4, 2022

How’s the house coming along?

Have you ever considered how much wood goes into one house? Or cinder-block? In general, about forty-four mature trees for every 2600 square feet.
I know the American Dream™ is that every family gets a beautiful, convenient, car-dependent single-family home, but we might need to consider making roommates mandatory because we cannot spare fourty-four mature trees per every 3 humans.

What’d you think of the film?

Those people had the option to live for 30 years with unlimited resources, unlimited freedoms, inside of beautiful geodesic domes and they chose to escape their own utopia, destroy paradise, and rebuild humanity in the image of the fallen culture that trashed their planet and almost made their species extinct?
Yeah, that sounds like humanity alright.